Set of 4 container cars class Lgns of the S-MIDC

Product no.: 46.818.14

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For the increasing container service numerous low sided gondolas (class Os), boxcars (class Gbs) and flatcars with stakes (class Kbs) were rebuilt to container cars class Lgns. Due to their different original purpose and made by different wagon builders the numbering string Lgns 443 5000 upwards includes a mix of container cars which differ in many details. There are cars with 8m and 9m wheel base, with and without hand brake, different strut frames, steps and grab irons. Their blue painted car bodies is covered by rust and dirth over the years.

These four model cars are reproductions of earler class Os cars owned by the Swedish MidCargo AB (epoch V). These cars are identical to the first model release in 2016 item 46.818.04 but loaded with containers APL, YANGMING, NYK Logistics and P&O Nedlloyd. Cars and containers are permanently fixed with melting pins. With a decent weathering the cars appear more realistic.

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