Diesel Locomotive Railcare TMY1150

Diesel Locomotive Railcare TMY1150

Product no.: 46.125.01

Available in the 1st quarter of 2019


In the 1950ies the company of Nydqist och Holm Aktie Bolog in the Swedish Trollhättan built diesel engines based on an American lizence similar to the well known F-series for several European railroads. After 50 years of operation many of these locos were sold to private railroad companies and operators. So the Railcare class TMY1150 was a former DSB locomotive.

This model is a faithful reproduction of it's prototype. It is powered by a Maxon RE coreless motor with fly wheel. All six axles are powered and pick up electric power from the track. The model's maximum speed corresponds with it's prototype. A CNC-milled brass main frame provides a high weight and high tractive force. The light comes from micro LEDs. With item no. 00.125.00 (order additional) this model is available with DCC and sound. Preliminary hand sample shown

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